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We use only the finest materials in our handcrafted pieces. It is our philosophy to deliver products that reflect our commitment to nature, craftsmanship, and good design, letting you indulge in your SouleWork pieces for many years to come.


Natural and handcrafted materials have an imperfect beauty, otherwise referred to as “natural variations.” We encourage customers to acquire samples sets before making purchases to ensure our finishes meet their project needs. Other materials and finishes are available for custom orders (additional fees may apply). Please contact us for custom requests.


Considered a premium grade hardwood, Walnut is prized for its rich coloration of dark to medium browns, purples, and can sometimes have gray or reddish casts. Sap wood is pale yellow gray to nearly white. Walnut gives a modern and sometimes moody vibe when used in interior spaces. We prefer to use oil finishes on walnut to enhance its natural beauty. Walnut pairs well with a host of colors and textures such as midnight, nickel, brass, and creams, just a mention a few. 

Wood can be dried in a variety of ways and for many species, the process does not affect the appearance of the material. This is not the case with walnut. At SouleWork we prefer to use either air dried or kiln dried walnut as these processes preserve the rich color tones inherent in the wood.

Walnut that has been steamed looses much of this richness as the different colors bleed together. Positively, this can leave a more uniform appearance. This is appropriate for cabinetry projects where a combination of hardwood and plywood materials are used. 

White Oak

Also considered a premium grade hardwood, white oak's heartwood is light to medium brown and commonly has an olive cast. The sapwood is similar in color with a lighter hue. White oak is considered to be very durable because of its density and its inherent rot resistant properties. It is commonly used in boat building for this very reason. 

Using white oak in furniture and interior applications aids in giving the space a bright and warm feeling. It pairs well with brass, creams, and whites, just to mention a few. 

White oak is sawn in a variety of ways and these ways affect the resulting grain pattern. RIFT sawn is perhaps the most sought after because it has a very uniform and straight grain. QUARTER sawn has a more traditional feel due to prominent ray flecks. PLAIN sawn (shown here) results in the cathedral grain pattern. 

At SouleWork, we prefer to use water-based finishes or lacquer finishes on white oak to preserve its light tones. 

Ash: whitewashed and ebonized

Ash wood has only been thought of as a utility hardwood until recent years when it was discovered to be an excellent palate for stains and colored finishes. Due to its strong grain pattern and light heartwood coloration, ash wood is a prime candidate for adding color and visual dimension to interior projects. At SouleWork, ash wood is our preferred wood to use to achieve a high end whitewashed or ebonized look and can be topcoated in a variety of ways to meet the application needs. 

Linen: white, natural, and black

Linen is a beautiful choice for lamp shades due to its difussing texture and durability. It is inherently anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and does not easily store unwanted odors. 
Linen - Natural.jpg
Linen - Black.jpg

Metal: nickel and brass 

Both nickel and brass are naturally corrosion resistant and pair well with our other finish offerings.
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