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Where are SouleWork pieces made?

All of our wood work is made in our Providence, RI design studio. We source metals, electrical components, and textiles from local vendors whenever possible. All of these are assembled and inspected before delivery at our studio. We believe in delivering the highest quality product for your enjoyment.  


What are your lead times?

All of our furniture is made to order in our Providence, RI design studio. Once we receive your order, it will enter our queue. Our lead times are based on how long the queue is and are usually anywhere from two to eight weeks. We strive to satisfy our clients deadlines and can likely work with you to deliver your piece(s) on time. 

Can I come visit your studio?

Yes! Studio visits/tours are done periodically. Current and former clients are given priority. If you interested, please reach out via the contact page.

How much does shipping cost?

If the destination is in CT, RI, or MA then your shipping cost is included. All other destinations will require a freight quote, which can be provided to interested parties. Please reach out with any questions via our contact page

What does ordering a custom piece look like?

Sometimes it begins with a site visit to ascertain dimensions, finishes, etc. Other times the client provides drawings and/or inspiration photos. From there, we work to give you finish samples and detailed shop drawings. Once we are on the same page with the plan, we make your piece to those specifications that we agreed upon. 

Can I alter the dimensions of a piece from your collection?

Of Course! Most of our work in made to order. If you'd like to alter a piece prior to production, please reach out via the contact from and we would be happy to help you. 

Is you furniture environmentally sustainable? 

Yes. We view environment sustainability in two ways. First, it is producing furniture with a enduring design so that it will become tomorrows antique. Second, all of our lumber comes from local sources or from sustainable harvested forests from around the country. We prefer to use finishes that are environmentally sustainable as well. These finishes are easy to maintain and don't carry with them any harmful VOCs. We do also use lacquers and other finishes when the application calls for it or in order to achieve a desired look. 

Do you offer trade discounts? 

Yes! We frequently work with and extend trade discounts to interior designers, architects, and builders. If you would like to be added to our vendor list, please fill out our trade program application here.

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